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Ok, I admit it, I’m horrible at this blogging thing and am pretty sure no one even thinks about reading it anymore because I never update it.  Sorry.

Here’s an update, though :).

West is 19 months and is just as curious, crazy and sweet as ever.  It seems like he learns a new word just about every day!  Today it was bowl.  It’s so fun when he just picks up a word without me even prompting him.

He’s still a giant compared to other kids his age.  Just the other day someone asked me if he went to school anywhere.  Obviously they were talking about a preschool-like class, but still!

When he’s not cuddling with bob, running as fast as he can around the house, or coloring, he’s under the kitchen table trying to unscrew the loose bolts.

While his good friend, Noah is excited about the fish at the aquarium, West is more interested in climbing the steps or running as fast as he can away from mom.

There’s so much more…but that’s all I’ve got for today.

I can’t even add pictures because the internet is so slow in the hotel we’re staying at…maybe next time 🙂

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I’m pretty sure West was the cutest pirate out there on Halloween night.

See for yourself!









Queen Trinity also joined in on the festivites!









Only to be captured by Pirate West.  He plans to torture her with cuddles until she can take no more…









West in action…









Finally checking out the goods at Nana and Boompa’s house 🙂









Couldn’t resist this one…


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WOW! Where has the time gone…16 months.

It’s been about two months since  my last post…oops.  I’ve got one semi-irate, very good friend (jessi :)), who isn’t pleased with the lack of updates.  SO for you, Jessi…as well as our other dear friends and family who like updates on our very cute little boy, I will try to post more often!

SO…I realize this was a month ago, but I like to keep up with the stats 🙂

15 month well check (as well as I can remember):

Weight 30lbs

Height: 31inches

Head:  who knows…:)

West and I have been having so much fun together.  We keep busy by having play dates with his very good friend, Noah…playing at the park almost daily…coloring…climbing…and learning about body parts, colors and animals.  Having some trouble with animals though.  He seems to think everything is Da WOOWOO! (dog)…that’s what we get for having 3 of them.

I’m a little nervous about the cold weather and finding activities that will keep him busy in doors.  I could use LOTS of help in that area:).  He pretty much wants to be outside ALL the time.  I guess we’ll just have to bundle up.

West has become QUITE the little daddies boy.  When Heath gets home in the evenings West greets him with a huge smile says, “DAAAAAAAAAAAADA!” and sprints to wrap his little arms around Heath’s neck…precious.

He had his first haircut a week ago.   It was very successful AND he still has beautiful curly locks :).  Waiting on pictures from Grandaddy :)…

Halloween is in a couple days.  West is going to be a pirate.  Have to say that he’s the cutest pirate I’ve ever seen.  We’re making stops at Nana and Boompa’s house as well as Grandmommy and Grandaddy’s house, maybe some neighbors…we’ll see how much candy little man can score for mom and dad.

I really will try to be better about this whole blogging thing.  Partially for selfish reasons.  It’s fun to see how fast he has grown!

finger paintingDSC_6160DSC_6165

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What we’ve been up to in the last month or so…

Aquarium…being eaten by sharks…picnics…West’s first artwork.  Sad to see the summer coming to an end!


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More Children’s Museum with family and friends!


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Busch Gardens

West took his first trip to Busch Gardens yesterday. Busch has made bringing a toddler to the park really fun with their new addition of the Sesame Street play place. Wish I had taken more pictures:). We’ll have to get back there again this summer.

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He’s a Walker!

DSC_5643Right before West’s first birthday, he took his first 4 steps.  Then he decided it was too hard and crawling was much faster :).  So now, at 13 months, he has decided to give it another try and has become VERY successful :).  It is definitely the cutest thing ever to see him stomping around the house with his hands in the air.

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Curly Hair! :)


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Children’s Museum!

West and I have taken the ferry from Norfolk to Portsmouth to go to the Children’s Museum a couple time in the past couple of weeks.  The first time we went with family and the second time we brought our friends, Jenny and Noah.  It’s such a fun trip and there are so many things to do and see at the museum even for little one year olds!  Best part of all is that West still gets in for free and regular admission is only $6!  You can even leave the museum and come back later…which is great for hungry toddlers!


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Fun in the Sun!

Baby pools and sprinklers sure are different from when I grew up!


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