Posted by: pipeso | January 21, 2010


Ok, I admit it, I’m horrible at this blogging thing and am pretty sure no one even thinks about reading it anymore because I never update it.  Sorry.

Here’s an update, though :).

West is 19 months and is just as curious, crazy and sweet as ever.  It seems like he learns a new word just about every day!  Today it was bowl.  It’s so fun when he just picks up a word without me even prompting him.

He’s still a giant compared to other kids his age.  Just the other day someone asked me if he went to school anywhere.  Obviously they were talking about a preschool-like class, but still!

When he’s not cuddling with bob, running as fast as he can around the house, or coloring, he’s under the kitchen table trying to unscrew the loose bolts.

While his good friend, Noah is excited about the fish at the aquarium, West is more interested in climbing the steps or running as fast as he can away from mom.

There’s so much more…but that’s all I’ve got for today.

I can’t even add pictures because the internet is so slow in the hotel we’re staying at…maybe next time 🙂



  1. I still read your blog, honey. 😀

  2. i still do, too 🙂 i’m horrible about updating mine.

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