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It’s official!  West has become a crawler!  He’s been taking a couple scoots every now and then for a week but now he can make it across the room with no problem :).  His new favorite game is heading towards the fireplace or electrical cords (both of which are off limits) and squealing with delight and moving as fast as he can when I say “West, no.”  Uh oh…


Crawling at 8 months.

Crawling at 8 months.

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Beautiful Boy


photo by Jessi Fleisher 🙂

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Snowy Minnesota

Last weekend we traveled to Minnesota.  Although the reason for travel was not a happy one, it was definitely nice to be with family who is so far away.  To top it off, we arrived just in time for a crazy snow storm!  West got his first taste of snow and temperatures of close to ZERO.  It was actually -4 when we left for the airport early Sunday morning.  Us Virginians didn’t handle the cold as well as those Minnesotans :).  Which is understandable considering it’s going to be 82 this weekend here in VA :).  


West forgot his boots.  He's using Auntie Pammy's :)

West forgot his boots. He's using Auntie Pammy's 🙂


LOVE sleigh rides :)  Pammy's horse Indie is the one of the left...I think.

LOVE sleigh rides 🙂 Pammy's horse Indie is the one of the left...I think.


Cousin Eli and West (Captain and Lieutenant Underpants)

Cousin Eli and West (Captain and Lieutenant Underpants)

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Recipe Party

My sister in law, Tricia, has started a recipe party on her blog (  It’s such a fun idea and there are so many yummy recipes on there that I can’t wait to make myself.  We’ve had many of them when visiting their house, so I know they are good 🙂  After you have made one of Tricia’s recipes, you send her an email about what your family thought of it and then share a recipe of your own.  So fun 🙂

Last night, I tried making the spicy black bean burgers.  I’m not a huge fan of black beans, but my hubby loves them so I thought I’d give it a try.  They were surprisingly good!  I’m really looking forward to making more of the recipes.  

Check out her blog on and join the party!  Also, check out my ADORABLE little nieces 🙂  Little girls don’t get much cuter than Hope and Maddie!

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Kiddie Music

There is always a lot of music playing in our house.  During the day and in the car I play kiddie music for West quite a bit.  A lot of the time I can even calm West down when he’s upset if I play or sing one of his favorites.  It’s usually something from our Kindermusik class or good old Greg and Steve songs I used to play in the classroom.

Heath came across a kiddie CD by Medeski Martin & Wood called Let’s Go Everywhere.  We were both a bit shocked that they had made a kiddie CD because their style is a bit avante-garde jazz.  Let’s Go Everywhere is so much fun AND refreshing if you find yourself singing kiddie music all day.  You can hardly keep yourself from dancing to it…West and I have a lot of fun. 🙂




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Custom Fingerprint Jewelry

I ran into an add for custom fingerprint jewelry in Cookie magazine.  SUCH a fun idea and they have so many different styles and ideas of what you can do on their website.  You can even take a special piece of artwork your child has created and get it put on a piece of jewelry.  On the downside, it is a bit pricey because you are paying for them to make it by hand.  Still…I think it’s pretty fun. 🙂

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Promise I haven’t disappeared forever! I’ll get back to blogging a bit more soon. 🙂

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To use a bumper or not to use a bumper…

Bumpers make cribs look SOOO cute, but I think it’s time for us to finally take West’s out of his crib.  He’s pulled at it so much that it was completely pulled away from the side of his crib and he was having a really good time playing with it during “nap time.”  

Part of the problem is that his crib mattress is on the highest level and I can’t completely tie the bumper down because of the style of our crib.  It wasn’t a problem until West became a little more mobile and enjoys playing in his crib and looking at the pretty pictures on it before falling asleep.  Now, he squirms around and pulls at it and even practices crawling before he goes to sleep.

We’ll have to decide whether or not to move the mattress down and put the bumper back in properly, or just leave it out and have a slightly less cute crib :).  I’m leaning towards leaving it out because I’ve read a few articles with warnings saying how dangerous they can be. 


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Girls Weekend

I am SO thankful that my college girlfriends and I still keep in touch.  I’ve heard so many times that after a couple years friendships dwindle after college or marriage and kids.  I certainly don’t keep in touch with most of my friends from college, but my closest girlfriends and I still get together every couple of months for a girls weekend to catch up on life and offer each other support, advice, friendship, and fun :).  Since we are all spread out around VA and MD, we also email and facebook regularly.  This past weekend, we even created our own private facebook group so we could post pictures, comments etc.

It’s been so fun to be apart of each others “after college lives” of jobs, house warmings, weddings, and babies 🙂  So far, I’m the only one with a baby BUT Courtney just announced her pregnancy this past weekend YAYAYAYAY!!!!  The rest of those silly girls want to wait another 4 or 5 years…crazy.

I hope that we continue to keep such a wonderful friendship.  I think we all need it 🙂

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So Cute.

West’s girlfriend, Amanda.  They make a pretty cute couple.  West was already putting the moves on her by pulling her in for a kiss! 🙂


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