Posted by: cptfantastic | May 5, 2009

Dear Apple, Welcome to 2009

Melissa and I are suckers for Apple gear.  We have 2 iphones.  2 mac minis, a couple of mac books, an airport express (this, by the way, RULES and you should get one).  

We love iTunes.  Generally speaking.  But with all this great gear and innovation, making this technology more and more accessible to non-nerd masses, you’d think they’d make it possible to link a couple of iTunes accounts.  Charge me $20 for it.  Or more.  

Seriously, don’t make me load 900 hours of K-12 educational music to my iTunes library so that my wife can sync a few dozen songs out of my library onto her iPhone.  It’s completely insane to me that we can share libraries, listen to each other’s music all day long, play our music from one machine though the stereo, two separate computers and an iPhone all at the same time yet, due to the risk of someone at Starbucks ripping off my super sweet Jefferson Hour podcasts I can’t effectively share the same two libraries between two iPhones.

C’mon guys.  Come up with a unique identifier scheme in the next version of iTunes before the 3.0 firmware ships.  Do something so that my 5 authorized machines can be authorized to two accounts simultaneously and shared libraries from those ‘cross-authorized’ accounts can be added to one another’s playlists.  


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