Posted by: pipeso | September 9, 2008

Hip Hammock

For quite awhile, West wasn’t real up for me putting him down…ever.  Thankfully he’s gotten out of that stage and even seems to enjoy some time to himself )  While he was in his clingy stage, I tried the sling and the front carrier.  I could never really get the sling to work well, but the front carrier would work well if West was in the mood.  The only problem with the front carrier was that it hurt my back pretty much immediately.  

I just recently came across something that works great…at least in my experience.  It’s a Hip Hammock.  The baby sits in a hammock on your hip…just like he would if you were carrying him around, but you have the whole hands-free thing going on at the same time.  Pretty great.  🙂 Instead of the weight of the baby pulling on your back, it has a strap that goes diagonally across your body so most of the weight is on your shoulder.  So far it’s been really comfortable and keeps West happy when he needs a little mommy time.


  1. that looks super cool!

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