Posted by: pipeso | August 12, 2008

The Other Children

We have three great big dogs…who quickly realized they aren’t going to get all the attention anymore!

Trinity, Coda and Tundra

Trinity, Coda and Tundra

Coda and Tundra, the ones on the floor, greeted West with a couple sloppy kisses when they met him, but pretty much just don’t bother West at all. Coda would much rather be nudging someone to try and get a little lovin’ and Tundra mostly just stays in the Kitchen and occasionally comes out when she’s feeling affectionate.

Trinity is a really wonderful big sister. She’s pretty concerned about the well being of West just about 24/7! To the point that if West is screaming his little head off, Trinity makes sure she howls right along with him…just in case we weren’t aware that West was having a hard time. The rest of the time, she just follows us around, making sure I’m doing everything right 🙂


  1. The girls really are funny. When West is mad Trinity comes over and sniffs his diaper to see if it’s dirty, then she’ll check his head with her nose and start howling. It’s irritating when you’re done being screamed at, but holy cow is it cute.

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